I May Need Some Schooling!

An Apple a Day My dearest Rhett,

Did you know that most people read on an 8th grade level?  In my opinion most men stop once they get to that level if they make it.  They get set in their ways and that is where the saying “You get what you see” from.  I don’t want to share my age but I can assure you I have seen my share of get what you see and I don’t like it.

It would be nice if they all had tight fit bodies and the intelligence level of a professor but I am sorry to say most men that are “over the hill” have quit trying.    I think this may be part of why most people handle relationships on that same level.  I would think that someone who thinks on a higher lever would get frustrated at trying to get their point across to someone that has trouble understanding at the level.  You are coming across as a very intelligent man and not so much the normal guy I usually have to communicate with.  I am only a mere mistreated princess.

I know that trying to communicate with someone on a much higher level  is frustrating when your heart wants to hang in right there with them.   The reason I bring this up is here you go quoting Shakespeare!  If you are going to keep this up you are going to have to sometimes tell me your interpretation of it.  Just like a song it can have multiple meanings and at the same time none of them be wrong.  The Bible has been translated for years and it is amazing how many people believe that their way is the only way.  I am a person that tries to be open minded enough to at least look at another view of any given situation.  I believe that is a key to living and not getting stuck in a rut.  I think I want to call this part  –

Zazie’s 8th grade cliff notes right or wrong they are hers.

What Will is saying to me is: (Let’s break this down):

Some people are into who they are, some what they do, how much they make, how strong they are, what they wear, or the hottest item on the market. Some find pleasure in materialistic things and what they drive. (Horse in that time period)  Everyone has their thing that gives them joy and some believe that only theirs is the best.  Not William!  He doesn’t care  about that stuff he has something much better.  Love above all will humble you, is worth more than money, clothes and their cost.  Love is better than any materialistic thing and if you have someone to love or that loves you.  You should tell the world!  Poor Will even though he knows this he has no one to share his love with!

Rhett is there more that I am not understanding?  I read this and the first thing I thought is I hope my ex is feeling the same way and now realizes that what he had was wonderful and he should not have messed it up over some dumb hottie.  (Actually I call her that and she isn’t so hot just cheap and easy).  Did William like cheap and easy before he found love?

I invite anyone else sitting at the table to chime in on their interpretation of  Sonnet 91 in the comments below!



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