Who Needs Schoolin’? by Rhett

Dear Zazie,

When it comes to readin’ Shakespeare, all one needs is an annotated text, to help with the old English words that are no longer in common use, and an open heart.  And regardin’ poetry interpretation, you are correct, there is no right or wrong interpretation.  Each reader brings a unique viewpoint to each poem.  For me, Shakespeare’s Sonnet 91 says that he values her love above all else and if she chooses to ignore him, he will be wretched.

Before you go and assign me to a level of intelligence that is higher than I can attain, know this; it is merely that I am well read and that I am curious.  I have been a collector and reader of books since I was a child.  You should also know this; one of my greatest joys is readin’ and writin’ about love.  And I will leave no stone not turned in my search for inspiration.  So, I may quote from Shakespeare, or the Williams boys, Hank and Tennessee, or even Van Halen.  Beauty and truth and love can be found anywhere!


PS – There is only one Bible translation as far as I am concerned; KJV or nothin’.  Yes, I have read it cover to cover.

Zazie shares a thought.  Click here to read it!



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