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This blog is about a girl named Zazie (nickname: Tater) who stops by a cafe daily for tea.  Sometimes she will doodle or write about what is on her mind.  One day one of her notes slides under the napkin holder and is left behind.  A guy named Rhett finds it and not knowing how to contact her he leaves another behind.  A discussion breaks out as they leave notes behind for one another and you never know where the topic will go.    Sometimes others leave notes under the napkin holder and they get in on the topic.  You may relate to the topic or learn how others view a situation.  Sometimes you will laugh, maybe even cry or just shake your head.  Reader are encouraged to comment on their own views and ideas of the topic at hand.  You never know when you may be asked to join Zazie and  friends leaving notes at the table.

This blog can be read two ways.  You can subscribe to it and just pick up where the conversation is at.  It would be like you just pulled up a chair at the cafe and started reading the latest note left behind.  If you prefer to start at the very beginning you can click on the link below and it will be like you worked there and read them from the start.  Once you finish reading a post simply click on the link below it and it will take you to the next reply.  When you don’t see a reply you are all caught up.  You can subscribe to stay up on the conversation and start commenting yourself.  Again we encourage your comments as they could turn the topic or open up a new discussion.  If you keep it interesting enough or have great points in your comment you may be invited to join us at the table for regular post.

To comment you have to click on continue reading near the end of the post or you can click on the # of comments beside the title of the subject you want to comment on.

Welcome!  Pull up a chair and look under the napkin holder as it is time for Tea With Tater!

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