Only In My Dreams

Dreaming about a party My Knight  Rhett,

If you are claiming that would be you then I feel sure I did not over look you at our party!   I could only wish a guy would be able to read into a situation such as that.  Most men would claim that it looked like I was with that smelly breath guy.

From our letters you are convincing me that you are quite unique and very much in tune to a woman’s inner feelings.  I think a girl would be lucky to find a Knight such as yourself.

You have left me in suspense long enough on your one true love.  Will you not share what happened with her?  Why do you talk about her as if she is in the past.    Did you ever marry?  I loved the fact that you loved her so but only feel confused that it did not last?

I believe I understand true love myself as I have loved and will always love some that have been in my life.  This would go for friends, family and relationships.  I believe that you can love someone so much that sometimes you just can’t be with them.  I feel and felt that way very much for my Ex-husband.  I will always love the man I married and the person that he was.  I speak of him in a past tense because of the reality of where he currently is.  From the surface down to my very core I wish him the best and that he will find himself again.  You see Rhett I lost him to his addiction to drugs.  He was not ever a bad person but a victim of losing himself.    The drugs caused him to do bad things, to say hurtful things and to make bad choices.  I feel sure had he not become an addict we would still be together.   Today only a hollow shell of himself moves around trying to figure out how to fix what has been undone not realizing the cause is in his pocket.  If you or anyone else has ever lost a love one in this manner they would understand.  As you can figure I never stopped loving him I just can’t be with him.  That is one example of true love that can be difficult to understand.  I have a few others I will share at another time.

I want to ask you or anyone that stops over and reads this note if they have an example of true love that has parted?

Sigh and pout,


Rhett shares a poem.  Click here to read it


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