Wait Do Not Leave!

Dear Zazie,

Got your letter about the party.  Loved it!  Glad to hear you take such care in what you wear when you go out.  One should always look their best.  I would be wearin’ jeans or khakis, a starched long sleeve button down Polo shirt, a sport coat and maybe a tie; that depends on my mood.  I am a formal kinda guy.  Of course I would be wearin’ one of my dozen pair of Lucchese cowboy boots.  Trust me on this one, when it comes to boots, Lucchese or nothin’.

There is one problem with your party; you missed someone.  Call him, mature perhaps hot guy.  We shall call him your Knight.  Perhaps you overlooked him because he may be just a little older than guys you have been out with.  He arrived at the party alone and has been workin’ the room, chattin’ with those he knows, introducin’ himself to those he does not know.  He is very specific about the type of woman he is lookin’ for and is not impressed with any of hot young things at the party.  He is about to leave when he sees her……

Just before you almost vomit on way-out-of-his-league breath boy, your Knight walks up, lightly touches your elbow and says, “Sorry I am late, Babe.  How was your day?”

You ably overcome your initial shock and reply, “It was good.  It got a little shaky there for awhile, but I managed to pull it together, with a little help.”  Your Knight turns to breathe boy, smiles and says, “Would you please excuse us?.”  He then takes your elbow and guides you away to the other side of the room and tells you that he was not tryin’ to be too forward, but it looked like you needed some help.  You are thinkin’, wow this guy is big; over six feet tall, broad shoulders.  You catch the grey touch in his hair near his temples and the grey in his neatly, close trimmed beard.  You sense that there is somethin’ really different about this guy.  And of course, you think he is dangerous, so your guard is still up.  You thank him for rescuin’ you and admit that breath boy was a little creepy.  Your Knight laughs and says well you gotta give the guy credit for even approachin’ such a beautiful woman who is clearly way out of his league.  You take the compliment in stride and think again how different this guy is.  His speech is formal but inflected with a western drawl.  Names are exchanged and talk turns to where y’all are from and where y”all work and what y’all like to do.  He likes what he is hearin’ and you like what you are hearin’.  Then he tells you, “I bet I know what you are thinkin’; that all men are pigs and as dangerous as rattlesnakes.  And the better lookin’ they are the more dangerous they are.  Well, you would be mostly corect.  But some of us are not.  Listen, I have to go, but I think we should talk some more.  Here is my card, if you agree call me.”  You take his card, thinkin’ wow, he has not hit on me.  Then you make a decision, “Sounds good.  And I think I have had enough of this place.”  He replies, “Cannot blame you for that.  Mind if I walk you to your car?”  You say yes.  At the door he gets his cowboy hat, custom felt 6X beaver silver belly, and opens the door for you.  Y’all chat on the way to your car and you unlock your car with the remote as y’all reach the drivers side door of your car.  You say, “Well, it was nice meeting you.”  He says, “The pleasure was all mine.”  Then he moves in and you think here it comes, but he is movin’ in to open your door for you.  You get in your car and goodbyes are exchanged and he tips his hat and walks away.

It could happen!  Think about it!


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