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The Lover’s Almanac 14 May – Wonderful, Reverent, Numberless

Dear Zazie,  Here is today’s Lover’s Almanac from Mac Tag (@cowboycoleridge) to his muse.  Rhett The Lover’s Almanac Dear Muse, Wonderful beauty fullness of lips eyes castin’ fervent glances hair, freshly disheveled furtive smile. The curve from her waist down to her hips fullness of breasts The way her legs flash when they move skin flushed body […]

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Wait Do Not Leave!

Rhett attends the imaginary party and picks up Zazie.

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Love? Is there such a thing as this?

Today I sit at the table alone drinking tea.  I look out in the distance but I am not focusing on anything.  I am thinking of the word LOVE.  I am part day dreaming and part reminiscing.  My heart is broken and at the same time it could be my pride has been hurt and […]

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