Ok! I’ll Give You Lust Half The Time!

Lust Half the TimeLove Vs. Lust


After reading over your last note I thought back through my pas.t relationships.  I will have to say that even though my intentions may have been pure.  Lust may have been a factor on the opposite side.

I think it is evident that men are more visual than woman are.  Sure I love the looks of a totally hot guy but I don’t trust them.  The better they look the more I feel something is up with them.

Let me enter your fictional party and share with you my views as I work the room.

First, I should tell you that I knew I was going to s party that night and I have put a considerable bit of time in being sure that I looked nice.  My bed is covered in clothes as I could not decide what to wear and changed yet again before leaving.  No worries no one will see the mound of clothes as I will not be bringing someone home.  I am not that kind of girl. I shaved, fixed my hair, nails, toes and I am trying out some new makeup.  I really feel good and I am hoping just hoping tonight I will find that guy.  I dressed nice, nothing saying I am cheap or easy.  I went all out to show I care.

I enter the room and immediately scan to find someone I know if I came alone.  You know us girls we hate going to the bathroom alone and I want to find me a buddy before I have to go.  I find a group and someone offers up a drink.  It would be my friends husband as he gets one for all.  The conversation is ok but I am now scanning from my safety zone for what is hot and what is not.  So I hear you saying she is on a lust hunt but it is not that.  I know before the night is over the hot guys will eliminate themselves.

There are only four guys in the room that catch my eye immediately.  Two of the guys stand together with a small entourage of less than classy dressed women  These women are hanging on to every word they say laughing with a flaky fake laugh.  I ease drop the conversation and it is focused on these two guys talking about their high dollar cars.  I wonder what there is to laugh at.  I move my focus to one of the other hot guys.  He is also talking with a couple of girls but the conversation looks a little more serious.  My forth guy is talking with a couple of guys and I am trying to hear what they are saying.

Not interested in this guyBreaking my concentration is a guy asking me a question about my feelings of the conversation in my immediate group.  I’m embarrassed that I wasn’t listening and at the same time in shock I don’t know where this guy came from.  Wasn’t he the nobody that was entertaining my friends just a minute ago?  I try to come up with an answer and at the same time watching my friends excuse their self  and head to the bar.  I can tell from the silly grin on my friends face they took full advantage of this guy talking to me to escape.

I am not a mean person so being rude is not an option for me.  I half enter the conversation while at the same time hate my friends, wonder why I even went out and plan my exit.  While looking for the best route out my eyes meet with one of the hot guys.  He gives me this your cute but taken look. I am screaming NO Help me!  I have nothing in common with this guy, I am giving him no signals at all but he seems to be under the understanding that things are improving.  He  gets so close to my face I smell his breath and want to projectile vomit,  I politely dismiss myself to the restroom first chance I get.  He tells me he will get us drinks.  My plan was not to return and I am stumped at why this guy thinks I am interested.

The rest of the night includes me avoiding the weird guy by taking to average guys while observing the hot guys from afar.  Before the night is over I discover that the hot guys are as follows:

  • Hot guy loves his car just way to much.  This includes his jet ski, boat and his motorcycle.   His last girlfriend was materialistic and that was his biggest turn off.  He did get around to asking me if I was married but neglected to ask any additional info as he felt he needed to tell me about his decision to trade in his one year old car for the latest.
  • Hot guy 2 managed to pull himself away from the girls while they herd to the bathroom together.  He makes quick time requesting my number.  When I hesitate because I was not sure I got or did we ever introduce ourselves he gets pulled away by the earlier chicks.  I wasn’t sure which one he left with or if they all left together.
  • Hot guy 3 – Short and sweet.  He wasn’t into me.  It was a gender thing.
  • Hot guy 4 – I finally got to meet him when he introduced me to his fiancee that he just met only months ago.  It was a true love story and you couldn’t help but be ecstatic for them and their perfect lives.  You know it will play out but that guy is off the market.
  • Rescue average guy stops by to give me his number,  ask me if I ever text?  Then ask me if I have pictures I can send him because if I do he already has some on the phone he will share with me.  I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!
  • Another of the average guys seemed to be nice enough and not so bad looking after all.  I can feel myself making compromises in my head as to if I could date this guy or not.  Seems cute enough and funny, not so flashy that I wouldn’t trust him.  He asks me out for lunch next week and I agree and am about to give him my number as he explains to me that he is currently married but as long as his wife doesn’t know he would love to spend time with me.

Before I get the chance to get out of there I run into the breath of the west.  He excitedly says “Oh There you are.  Been looking for you everywhere.  I got you a drink let me get another” I decline and tell him I am leaving.  He insists on walking me to the car as there are weirdos and possible a psycho out there!  Why not!  Right?  At the car can you believe he moves in for a kiss?  I almost ran over him leaving.  I think I heard him say he would call me in the morning!  My friends will probably give him the number!

All partied out,


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