Please Pull Up A Chair!

Interesting you would stop by my table and find the note that I lost.  I am amused that you would take the time to reply and leave your comments under the napkin holder.  Please, feel free to pull up a chair and leave me your thoughts  as I stop by here often.

I am not sure that I am agreeing with your comments on Love.  We seem to have tons that we could write about and to get the view points of a man such as yourself I would never want to pass that up.

First off I would like to ask… Have you found your true love or your several true loves.  Has your lust prevailed over time?  Do you totally trust her and what about yourself?

Consider the period of time you were not her center.  She maybe working on loving herself and in the discovery phase of becoming a better woman.

At the same time some little hottie approaches you and tells you everything you want to hear.  She knows you are taken but the challenge is there.  She is willing to do everything and anything to win this game.  You don’t see it as a game she actually finds you sexy.  Your lust for her is overwhelming as it has been many years since you experienced the passion of that first kiss.  That first  touch.  The one you are not sure you should be touching and having her pull you closer and begging for more!   What if you convince yourself  that your first choice was a bad one and that this one is the real one?  What if just that morning you told your love that you LOVE her for the woman that she is.  Now here you find yourself face to face with what you believe is real.  It is hot and you have so much in common.   She laughs at your jokes and runs her hands over your bald spot and says it drives her crazy?  You want her and know if you don’t act fast this one will move on.  She is definitely something to love? Do you love the first one enough to turn this perky and willing hottie down?  Can you just turn it off and walk away knowing that your night will be just like the night before and the weeks before that.  Knowing that you will not be playing ball but clearly hanging up your bat.  The hottie takes it up a notch and tells you all that she has planned for you and that if you were hers the rest of your nights would be filled with hot steamy passion?  What would you do?

It is that hot steamy passion that most write about.  It is the lust.  Most songs and poems are about the sentential times between a man and a woman.  Love to me is about being there for each other having history together and has nothing to do with sex or lust.  Maybe you haven’t dressed up for months or brought her flowers.  Maybe you haven’t taken the time to know who she is and actually listen to the discoveries she is making about herself.   Maybe the reason she is having to find and reinvent herself is because you have failed at making her feel special. She is there changing as you put it and you are here with the hottie.

As a woman I know that the grass is Never greener.  Your hottie will in time be no more interested in you than the first one.  If she last at all you will find yourself again counting the weeks since you were last intimate.  Your bald spot larger and she rolls her eyes at your jokes.  All the things she promised she would do each night will repulse her at the thought.  She will think you are oversexed and nasty.  All the things you thought you had in common with her you will realize they mean nothing if you are not with the right one.  She was the one that did not love herself.  The one without values, without respect for herself.

You may then realize Love…..

It will not be about lust, sex or anything in common.  It will be about the person you left for the hottie.  The one that was strong and loyal.  The one that intrigued you with her strong opinions.  The one that cooked, cleaned, raised your children and worked so hard that at night she was just to tired to be so sexy.  Here bagging comfortable clothes and the way she plopped down beside you to tell you about her day.  You will miss her spirit, her spunk, her laugh and all the little things you so once adored.  The things that annoyed you will seem small. The essence of home she created.  The way she actually knew you even more than yourself.  You will remember the tears in her eyes as you left her.  You will know it was not the sex or lust tugging at her heart.

You will then be able to know what I believe Love is about but it will be gone because of your LUST and your magical attraction.

So Cowboy have I made my point and shall we carry on?

Obviously Jilted,


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