Carryin’ On

Dear Zazie,

Yes, we shall carry on!  Your points are well made and you are correct, overtime lust fades in most relationships.  But if it is true love, it starts as lust and the lust might not fade.  Even if it does, the common ground will keep the love alive.  Again, assuming both parties love themselves.  All forms of love start with lust.  Without lust, you have nothin’; just infertile ground upon which nothin’ will grow.

I have been in relationships that were clearly not true love and one that was true love.   And  yes, I have had my fair share of hotties come my way and try to turn my head.  Which, I might add, clearly does not have a bald spot as you can see!  Durin’ my true love relationship, nothin’ could turn my head.  She was my world.  I knew what she wanted, she knew what I wanted, we were what we wanted.  Did any hotties come my way then?  I have no idea.  A chorus line of nekid knockouts could have thrown themselves at me and I would not have noticed.  There was only one for me, then.

Now, before and after that, my head could easily be turned.  And sometimes I turned and sometimes not.  You see, I always knew what they wanted so I made sure I got what I wanted first.  Perhaps it was a wink and a smile.  Perhaps it was playful banter.  Perhaps it was a kiss or a hug.  Perhaps it was clothes flyin’ off and a torrid and brief affair, whatever; I took what I wanted.

I know someone whose perspective on this would be different and interesting; my brother Jett.  Yes, brothers named Rhett and Jett; Rhett after Rhett Butler and Jett after Jett Rink from Edna Ferber’s Giant.  Our mother was a big movie fan.  So I will send him our notes and see if he would like to join the conversation.

Always, Rhett

Click here to meet Jett

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