Re; Love, is there such a thing?

Well hello Zazie, my name is Rhett. Mind if I sit down here with my coffee (hazlenut flavored this mornin’)? I think I can help with your love question. Rest assured, there is such a thing as love. Love is many things and takes many shapes and forms. I believe I have experienced them all. Not only is there such a thing as love, it is my belief that love is our reason for bein’. Philosophers and others engage in discussions about why we are here. What is our purpose in life? Why do we exist? In my opinion we exist for love and the highest aspiration in life is to find a true love. I do not think there is just one true love for each of us. It is possible that there may be multiple true loves for each individual.
In the beginnin’ love must start with lust. There has to be a very strong physical attraction; that magical chemistry between two people. The key is bein’ able to look beyond the lust for common ground. If two individuals are in lust and have not much in common, then they should have a beautiful if short lived affair. If these same two people get too wrapped up in the lust and get married, they will some day wake up and realize they are sleepin’ with a stranger. They will be miserable and probably be buyin’ tickets to the big “D”.
If a man and a woman find themselves in lust and realize that they share the same interests, the same beliefs, the same values, the same goals, then true love will grow.
But first, before you can love someone, you have to love yourself. This is critical. You must discover who you are, flaws and all. Because we all have faults and baggage and you have to be comfortable carryin’ that stuff around. If not, it will poison any relationship.
Hope that helps. I have more and I will be back to share. I like this place.
Keep believin’


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