Is It Lust Or Love You Are Talking About?

Love or Lust Wow!  I did not expect to find three notes under the napkin holder.  Do you think our secret will be discovered?

I do not believe that all true love starts with lust!  Are you saying that you would know the moment you met?  Could love not grow?  Are you saying you can’t grow to love someone?  Let’s consider someone that has been disfigured by illness or an accident.  They may not catch a persons eye right away.  Most people will become friends quickly with them because they are not thinking of lust but look to learn the person inside.  They want to know their story and they dig to learn more.  Sometimes that leads to respect for what that person has been through and sometimes that can grow to love.  That would be a much more true and unselfish love.  One that grows within.

My last long term relationship I grew into.  When I met the guy I had no feelings of lust at all.  I was a married woman and even though my marriage was in danger I had no intentions on cheating or leaving my husband.  I felt sad for this guy and tried to set him up all the time.  Maybe he baulked at my efforts but they were genuine and pure.

Unfortunately my marriage failed and I had no other choice than to end it.  I had to pull strength from my circle of friends as I had been married for 10 years by this time.  My heart was broken and I had fallen into a deep depression as my husband was what I thought my soul mate.  This one friend spent so many hours listening to my stories and distracting me with his.  We laughed and cried together and he was there during the everyday roller coaster I was having to deal with.  I can’t tell you the day or the moment but the idea did cross my mind.  Why not he and I?  Many called it a rebound or dismissed it as not being real but here is the deal.  I grew to love him.  I related to his stories and we did have many things in common.  I respected all he had helped me with during my divorce.  My ex-husband ended up in the hospital and guess who was their beside him?  That guy!  He was great and willing to do way more than many men in his situation.  Our relationship was not about lust but a growing love.  4 years we dated.  It ended because of lust and a hottie that turned his head.  Maybe his love for me was not as true as mine.

So I ask you Rhett in your letter you refer to your true love in a past tense.  What happened?



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