Allowing God To Do His Work!

  Dear Rhett,

So glad to see that you are hanging in there.  I was thinking something must have happened to you.

Please don’t get me wrong about saying the word love.  In my opinion when it leaves my mouth again it will only be because I am about to burst.  It would have to be because I feel it so deep inside not saying it would cause me pain.  As far as hearing it I don’t believe it will ever have the same meaning to me.  I would much rather feel it than to ever hear it again.

I am now deciding to focus on my love for life and how I view things.  I believe that if God wants someone in my life he will just have to have me trip over him as I chase my dreams.  Really it has always been up to him but I sometimes felt I needed to do my part in trying to meet him.

I hope that you will be able to continue to come to the coffee shop and leave me a note here and there!   This is a place for coffee and tea!  You can share what you like. Rant, Rave and anything else is welcome.


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