While I Was Away…..


To my dear friends Rhett and Jett,

As you know I have been away.  I was whisked away by a man only to return more wise and at the same time more bitter.  I am thinking single is the life for me.  I tried something different only to discover that the other side is just about the same.  Another man claiming love and yet again not having a clue what it means.  Maybe I continue to select the wrong ones….  Maybe my luck has been bad….  Maybe I’m chasing a dream….  Maybe I will never find him….  Maybe because I’m getting to old….  Maybe my mind is not free….Maybe what I look for doesn’t exist….Maybe I’m right and maybe I am wrong….  Maybe I will be alone the rest of my life….  Maybe I should stop trying… Maybe try more…Maybe just maybe.


Zazie is on a Rant!

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