Love no more!

I don't want to hear it!Dear Rhett or anyone sitting at the table today,

I just want to rant and say not only do I not want to say it ….I don’t want to hear it again!  I wasn’t even close to saying it anyway with this last guy.  I had my walls up and I was not afraid to tell him.  It was not that I was making him pay for things that had happened in the past but I felt I was giving us time for love to grow.

There is no love before respect!  There is no love  before learning about my likes and dislikes.  You can’t love me and not know my pets names.  You can love the way I look, the way I laugh or maybe you can love the way I handle a situation.  There are things you can love about me and I can do the same back but it hardly holds a candle to the Love I am talking about when it actually comes from inside.

I go back to my original note.  The one where we met. Love? Is there such a thing as this?  How would one just cut it off?  I knew he was falling to fast.  He started saying it way to soon.  He would then ask me “Do you love me?”  What an awful and dumb thing to ask a person.  I think it reeks of  insecurity.  In a new relationship how would one answer that?  Should I say not yet.  Maybe one day.  I tend to sit in silence as I really don’t want to hurt the persons feelings.  I am sorry I just don’t throw it around.  I also do not want to hear it if you can seriously cut it off after a mere disagreement.

I think of all the people in my life that use it.  Family, friends and then these guys that blow in and out of my life.  The crazy thing is  of all the people I can think of….the ones I can depend on no matter what….guess what???  We have never muttered the word to each other.  Isn’t that crazy?  If I really had a crisis and I needed to call someone…no strings attached.  These people and myself have never said it ever to the other.    And you know what?  I know that they do.  So, yes I know love and feel love.  I just don’t want to say it or hear it again!

I hereby announce the word LOVE is the most misused word in the English language.   Need I say more?  Please if you can think of another enter it in the comments below!

Love ya!  Mean it!


Rhett returns! 

Click here to hear where he has been

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