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The Lover’s Almanac – 22 May – No Comfort

Hey Z, Today’s Lover’s Almanac from Mac Tag.  Rhett The Lover’s Almanac Dear Muse, Tell all, tell it Revelator Surprise Will  dazzle With in kind explanation Lightnin’ to the eased Or all be blind   Twilight, fast fallin’ A horseman crosses the dark line of low ground to become more distinct as he climbs the slope, movin’ […]

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The Lover’s Almanac 26 February – Chances

Dear Zazie, Here is today’s Lover’s Almanac from Mac Tag dedicated to his muse. Follow us on twitter @cowboycoleridge. Rhett The Lover’s Almanac Dear Muse, time, too much perhaps, spent turnin’ an eye towards the past the broken trail behind the chances taken and not taken not so much a review of regret have those […]

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