Welcome Back Zazie!

Dear Zazie,  Welcome back!  So very nice to get your note.  I was away for awhile, wrapped up in work at the ranch.  But I have been comin’ back here since the end of May.  Glad you are back in the conversation!  I really like the picture you left.  And as for your question, yes there is this thing called love.  But it makes a big difference what kind of love you are lookin’ for.  Are you lookin’ for true love?  Cowboy Coleridge has known and lost true love and he is lookin’ for another true love.  Are you lookin’ for lust love?  Well then you are a friend of mine because that is what I want.  Are you lookin’ for any kind of love whatever form it takes?  In that case, you are a friend of Jett’s.  He is always lookin’ for a future ex-wife, future ex-girlfriend or future ex-whatever.

Missed you Z!  You made my day!


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