The Story of Tater

Tater's Mom and Dad Meet!Once upon a time a few moons back;   A man met a woman in a small country town.  Life was good!

My parents fell in love and my Father asked my Mother to marry him.

The date for the wedding was set and my Father ran into the local recruiter for the Army!  He told my Father that his name had come up and because he was single he would be drafted to the Army.  My Father and Mother decided it was best to get married early so he would not miss his wedding.

My Parents got married two times!  Once so he would not have to go to the Army and then they had the big wedding!

It wasn’t long before being married to my Mom wasn’t such a vacation.

My  Dad decided that going to Vietnam was his best escape and begged his recruiter friend to help him out.

Mom was sad to see Dad go!  She couldn’t understand why Uncle Sam had to take him away.  Dad was loving him some Uncle Sam!  To everyone’s surprise Mom had a sprouted a seed!

As time passed I grew big inside and one day when my Mother was watching “The Birds” I decided to come out.  My Dad became a hero and saved three guys during his time in the Army

Mom went into Labor and at 2:22am I was born!  My Father was still over seas protecting our Country!

My Mom sent Dad a picture and forgot to include my name!  He decided to call me his little Taterhead!


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