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The Lovers’ Almanac 2 February – Like – Colder – art by Enrique Simonet – birth of James Joyce & James Dickey

Dear Zazie, Here is today’s Lovers’ Almanac from Mac Tag dedicated to his muse. Follow us on twitter @cowboycoleridge. Rhett The Lovers’ Almanac Dear Muse, it is not “like” anything so stop writin’ that it is a kiss on a boat at a private lake on a ranch in the high plains dancin’ naked in […]

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The Lovers’ Almanac 6 December – Urges – art by Frédéric Bazille – lyrics by Ira Gershwin – Ulysses

Dear Zazie Lee,  Here is today’s edtion of The Lovers’ Almanac from Mac Tag.  Rhett The Lovers’ Almanac Dear Muse, many fine memories come around to keep company now that the fire has cooled enough to make ’em bearable there was a time when it hurt like hell enough to almost make a heart stop […]

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