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The Lovers’ Almanac 5 December – Eternal Lucidity – verse by Christina Rossetti – art by Konstantin Korovin

Dear Zazie,  Here is today’s edition of The Lovers’ Almanac; Pale Lover, Pale Rider from Mac Tag.  Do you trust in eternal lucidity?  Rhett The Lovers’ Almanac Pale Love, Pale Rider Dear Dark Muse, he said that to you and you said that to him well, hell if i know there is no figurin’ what is inside some people’s […]

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The Lovers’ Almanac 4 December – Right Time – Pale Love, Pale Rider – Charpentier’s Médée – Rainer Maria Rilke

Dear Zazie, Today, rememberin’ this picture and the note you left me a ways back… Dearest Rhett, When I saw this picture I instantly thought of you.  A true cowboy at heart.  I really believe that no matter where you go once a cowboy always a cowboy.  Happy Holidays Rhett. You will forever be in […]

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The Lover’s Almanac 8 June – Burdens

Dear Zazie,  Here is the latest edition of The Lover’s Almanac by Mac Tag.   Are you carryin’ any burdens?  Do they keep you up at night?  Rhett The Lover’s Almanac Dear Dark Muse, Burdens Inside the house; a man, restless in bed beside a woman he just met. She dozes, he lies there listenin’, eyes wide shut in the dark, no doubt hearin’ Her callin’. He looks weary […]

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