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The Lovers’ Almanac 2 November – Still You – Lady Chatterley’s Lover

Dear Zazie,  Here is today’s Lovers’ Almanac from Mac Tag dedicated to his muse.  Rhett The Lovers’ Almanac Dear Muse, one must wrestle this to the ground… you gotta keep tryin’ but you gotta accept the fact, that it may not be meant for you I still git blue, blue as hell I can still […]

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The Lover’s Almanac 11 September – A Trace – I Dreamed I Dream – art by Hill & Etnier – O. Henry – D.H. Lawrence

Dear Zazie,  Here is today’s Lover’s Almanac from Mac Tag dedicated to his muse.  Follow us on twitter @cowboycoleridge.  Who is the vision of your dreams?  Do you know unrequited love?  Rhett The Lover’s Almanac Dear Muse, a deluge of rain skies darken thunder booms and in the noise all appears to me an abode of […]

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