The Lovers’ Almanac 12 January – June – Never Again – art by Jean Béraud & John Singer Sargent

Dear Zazie,  Here is today’s Lovers’ Almanac from Mac Tag dedicated to his muse.  Rhett

The Lovers’ Almanac – Pale Love, Pale Rider

Dear Muse,

just watched
Walk the Line
yep, again
will never git enough
of Johnny and June

it was too much
to ask, fate and god
and magic and hope
to bring me my June
she ain’t comin’

but sweet jesus,
not sure i have the strength
to watch Cold Mountain
yep, again

oh good,
Hustle is on
think i can handle
Reynolds and Deneuve

© copyright 2018 mac tag/cowboy coleridge all rights reserved

To relate the looks or thoughts
through rhythm or rhyme
through light
or otherwise

To recall the sensations,
from mutual passion
to be confined
by the comfort
of those visions

Thus it cannot be supposed
to have the will
to go there again

Misfortune or miracle
blessin’ or curse…

To have been there,
to have felt,
to have been
half of a whole

© copyright 2016 mac tag/cowboy Coleridge all rights reserved

Jean Béraud
A self portrait of Jean Béraud

Self portrait (ca. 1909)

Today is the birthday of Jean Béraud (Saint Petersburg; January 12, 1848 – October 4, 1935 Paris); French painter known for his numerous paintings depicting the life of Paris, and the nightlife of Paris society.  His paintings of the Champs Elysees, cafés, Montmartre and the banks of the Seine are detailed illustrations of everyday Parisian life during the “Belle Époque”.


Symphony in Red and Gold

A Windy Day on the Pont des Arts

Café Gloppe


John Singer Sargent
Sargent, John SInger (1856-1925) - Self-Portrait 1907 b.jpg

Self-Portrait, 1906, oil on canvas,
Uffizi Gallery, Florence.

Today is the birthday of John Singer Sargent (Florence; January 12, 1856 – April 14, 1925 London); American artist, and one of the leading portrait painter of his generation.  During his career, he created roughly 900 oil paintings and more than 2,000 watercolors, as well as countless sketches and charcoal drawings.  His oeuvre documents worldwide travel, from Venice to the Tyrol, Corfu, the Middle East, Montana, Maine, and Florida.

Sargent was a lifelong bachelor.


Fanny Watts, Sargent’s childhood friend. The first painting at Paris Salon, 1877, Philadelphia Museum of Art

The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit, 1882, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

An Out-of-Doors Study, 1889, depicting Paul César Helleu sketching with his wife Alice Guérin. The Brooklyn Museum, New York.

El Jaleo (Spanish Dancer), c. 1879–82, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

John Singer Sargent in his studio with Portrait of Madame X, c. 1885

Portrait of Madame X 1884

Mrs Henry White, 1883, Corcoran Gallery of Art

Lady Agnew of Lochnaw, 1893, National Gallery of Scotland

Morning Walk, 1888, private collection

Sargent emphasized Almina Wertheimer’s exotic beauty in 1908 by dressing her en turquerie.

Gondoliers’ Siesta, c. 1904, watercolor

Muddy Alligators, 1917, watercolor

Theodore Roosevelt, 1903.

Rosina, 1878, depicting Rosina Ferrara

Arsène Vigeant, 1885, Musées de Metz

Claude Monet Painting by the Edge of a Wood, 1885, the Tate, London

Robert Louis Stevenson and His Wife, 1885, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Mac Tag

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