The Lovers’ Almanac 25 December – Happy Holidays Y’all! – Waitin’ – art by Hans von Bartels

Dear Zazie Lee,  Happy Holidays from all of us at the ranch.  Mac Tag is headed off to the mountains.  Jett is spendin’ it with his kids.  Me, I am stayin’ here at the ranch.  Hope you have a Merry Christmas!  Rhett

Dear Muse,

cold, clear night walkin’
out to the edge of the caprock
under a star strewn sky
raked by the wind
standin’, waitin’
for somethin’, a sign
i imagine you comin’ closer,
your hair minglin’ with the wind
and the dark becomes desire
the nearness, of you as I stand
on this lonely night waitin’
why do I believe you will come
out of nowhere
why with all that you can have
would you come only because I am here

© copyright 2016 mac tag/cowboy Coleridge all rights reserved

Hans von Bartels

Today is the birthday of Hans von Bartels (25 December 1856 – 5 October 1913); German painter.


The Cemetery from the Basilica di San Miniato al Monte
Hans Bartels in studio.jpg

Hans von Bartels vers 1900.



The song of the day is “Colorado Christmas” by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Colorado Christmas Nitty Gritty Dirt Band We do not own the rights to this song.  All rights reserved by the rightful owner.  No copyright infringement intended.

Mac Tag

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