The Lovers’ Almanac 1 December – New Moon

Dear Zazie,  Here is today’s Lovers’ Almanac from Mac Tag dedicated to his muse.  Rhett

The Lovers’ Almanac

Dear Muse,

when beginnin’ over…
odd, readin’ those words
one year later
and the meanin’ it had then
(near death experience
will do that to ya)
and the meanin’ it has now

not a new moon,
an almost full moon
big in the high plains night

but a new beginnin’
after years of tryin’ to save
what could not be saved
and the new days come
but the old comforts,
yes they were there,
are gone along
with a certain
sense of purpose

and it threatens
to pull you under
but you hang on
this is who you are
this is what you need
and damnit, more than that,
this is what you were meant for
this, this right here
is your purpose
git on with livin’ it
and to hell with lookin’ back

it is a new beginnin’
and with that, yes,
new possibilities
ones long thought
gone and buried
yes, those thoughts
have been considered,
dare say, almost
yearned for
but c’mon
a fool can only be
fooled so many times

what is not meant to be,
no one rushes towards
what no longer matters
no one dances to

the near
full moon
and the wind
blowin’ your hair

the near
full moon
and the wind
blowin’ her hair

and the horses
graze on the plains
a man, survivin’
stands with arms
raised to the stars

© copyright 2017 mac tag/cowboy coleridge all rights reserved

Beneath A New Moon

when beginnin’ over
gittin’ reacquainted
with the things, once
taken for granted
along the road
what no one knows
no one rushes towards
or sings about
the new moon
and the wind
blowin’ against her hair

horses runnin’ across the plains
a drownin’ man standin’
at the foot of his lover’s bed

© copyright 2016 mac tag/cowboy Coleridge all rights reserved


Karl Schmidt-Rottluff
(mid 1910s)

Today is the birthday of Karl Schmidt-Rottluff (Karl Schmidt until 1905; Rottluff; 1 December 1884 –10 August 1976 Berlin); German expressionist painter and printmaker; he was one of the four founders of the artist group Die Brücke.

Woman with a Bag by Karl Schmidt-Rottluff (1915)


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