The Lovers’ Almanac 20 November – Without You – Beethoven’s Fidelio

Dear Zazie,  Here is today’s Lovers’ Almanac from Mac Tag dedicated to his muse.  Are you without the one you do not want to be without?  Rhett

The Lovers’ Almanac

Dear Muse,

zazie1these feelin’s persist…
that which once was

the feelin’s
that stir about you
burn but more clearly

this is how
without feels
this is how
makes me feel
this is what
moves me so

these thoughts of you
have never been more
beautiful and necessary
than they are right now
after all I have been through

so I will continue
through these
cold, empty nights
to wait
to write, to dream
to let these thoughts
provide just enough
warmth and maybe,
ever once in awhile,
to hope

© copyright 2017 mac tag/cowboy Coleridge all rights reserved

Today original lyrics and a song.  The Dark Muse fought and won again as she usually does these days.  This topic is one of my favorites.  I have visited it before and probably will again, so if you do not like the song of the day just stay tuned.  There are many good songs on this topic and we might get to your favorite.  The Poem of the Day:

Without You

Without you…

These feelins persist,
These persistent feelins

That which was once gained
That which was soon lost
Others sing while I sigh
Others laugh while I weep
I am robbed of rest
Pain lulls me asleep

Without you…

These moods prevail,
These prevailin’ moods

The voice; hear and obey
Sister to despair
Monarch of the lost
Come down; my bluster
Swells no more
The stormy rage blows

Without you…

This gloom pervades,
This pervadin’ gloom

To the depths below
Down I must go
The Dark Muse speaks
Her words; must record
All is forsaken

Without you…

This despair lingers,
This lingerin’ despair

Eternal Darkness
Eternal chains bind
To infinite pain
Let ’em come, Let ’em
Eternal Shadows
This is what awaits

Without you…

This hope fadin’,
This fadin’ hope

There must be some way
Some kinda way
To work this out
Cause I just can’t
Be much longer
Without you, without you

© copyright 2012 mac tag/Cowboy Coleridge all rights reserved

The Song of the Day is “Without You” by Van Halen.


Opera by Ludwig van Beethoven

Fidelio, playbill of the third and finalized premiere at the Kärntnertortheater in Vienna, 23 May 1814

On this day in 1805, Fidelio (originally titled Leonore, oder Der Triumph der ehelichen Liebe; English: Leonore, or The Triumph of Marital Love), Op. 72, Ludwig van Beethoven’s only opera premiered at Vienna’s Theater an der Wien. The German libretto was originally prepared by Joseph Sonnleithner from the French of Jean-Nicolas Bouilly. The following year, Stephan von Breuning (de) helped shorten the work from three acts to two. After further work on the libretto by Georg Friedrich Treitschke, a final version was performed at the Kärntnertortheater on 23 May 1814. By convention, both of the first two versions are referred to as Leonore.

The libretto, with some spoken dialogue, tells how Leonore, disguised as a prison guard named “Fidelio”, rescues her husband Florestan from death in a political prison. Bouilly’s scenario fits Beethoven’s aesthetic and political outlook: a story of personal sacrifice, heroism, and eventual triumph. With its underlying struggle for liberty and justice mirroring contemporary political movements in Europe. Notable moments in the opera include the “Prisoners’ Chorus” (O welche Lust—”O what a joy”), an ode to freedom sung by a chorus of political prisoners, Florestan’s vision of Leonore come as an angel to rescue him, and the scene in which the rescue finally takes place. The finale celebrates Leonore’s bravery with alternating contributions of soloists and chorus.

Mac Tag

Because of that great nobleness of hers

The fire that stirs about her, when she stirs,

Burns but more clearly

W. B. Yeats

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