The Lovers’ Almanac 6 November – Spread Your Arms – art by Bunker & Shinn

Dear Zazie,  Here is today’s Lovers’ Almanac from Mac Tag dedicated to his muse.  Have you known sadness?  Rhett

The Lovers’ Almanac

Dear Muse,

thanks Karen…

i love the way
your name sounds
in a candlelit room…

did you know
that lionesses
and cowboys always
land on their feet

our minds are strong,
our hearts are resilient
how else can you explain
givin’ everything you have
to someone only to find
it is not enough

and then sure enough,
much to our surprise,
after the fall, there it is
beatin’ stronger than before
recoverin from the rendin’

it gets through the hurt
and learns to beat for itself
anyhow, that is our story

we keep remindin’ ourselves,
and hopin’ we succeed
with the convincin’
however the disappointment comes

whether it be
from one sided love
or when the one you love
loves you and talks about
a rare connection then
of a sudden, insists it is over

either way, s’pose those
are moments in life
when one must accept
that sometimes
there is no understandin’
someone elses feelin’s

and sometimes
it is better to let go…
let go… let go…
for one’s own well bein’
and we are learnin’
to spread our arms
and hold our breaths

© copyright 2017 mac tag/cowboy Coleridge/Dead Lioness all rights reserved

Today is the birthday of French poet Louis Racine, born in Paris (1692).  His father Jean Racine‘s poem (and my no doubt inept translation) “Choer D’Esther” served as inspiration for today’s Poem of the Day:


Lost then found then lost
Sadness; a story


She found me against the odds,
Lonely, my life blood flowin’
Like water on earth, spreadin’
From beyond, I heard Her voice,
A lost man


I had seen love lost
Like a hidden beast
Its countenance bold
Governin’ the thunder
Tramplin’ the defeated
I had that happen, and happen again


Then she came
Happiness in me who knew the sweetness
I felt young, in the shadow of her beauty;
The most charmin’ dreams have nothin’

comparable, comparable

The pleasure she spread in me

Then she was gone
Sadness in me who knows the bitterness


Nothin’ soothes, nothin’ forgives;
Crazy heart abandoned
It awaits the return;
It excuses my weakness;
To get me down it hastens:
For the words she uncovered
Are all I know of affection
If I could share with her


It shows there is no mercy

One of the not chosen
It has revealed its pain


Ah Could I share with her


That it not be blessed, that it not be sung;
Though it will be known to me
Beyond time and age

© copyright 2012 mac tag/Cowboy Coleridge all rights reserved

The Song of the Day is “Sadness” by Enigma.

Dennis Miller Bunker
Dennis Miller Bunker - Jessica 1890.jpg

Jessica, 1890. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Today is the birthday of Dennis Miller Bunker (New York City; November 6, 1861 – December 28, 1890 Boston); American painter and innovator of American Impressionism.  His mature works include both brightly colored landscape paintings and dark, finely drawn portraits and figures.  One of the major American painters of the late 19th century, and a friend of many prominent artists of the era, Bunker died from meningitis at the age of 29.


The Pool, Medfield, 1889. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

On October 2 Bunker married Eleanor Hardy in Boston.  The couple then moved to New York.  Returning to Boston to celebrate Christmas with the Hardy family, Bunker fell ill.  On December 28 he died of heart failure, probably caused by cerebro-spinal meningitis.  He was Buried at Milton Cemetery, Milton, MA and his tombstone was designed by his friends Stanford White and Augustus Saint-Gaudens.

Portrait Sketch of Eleanor Hardy Bunker, 1890. Private collection.
Everett Shinn
Shinn self portrait 1901.jpg

Self-portrait done in 1901 in his charcoal style.

Today is the birthday of Everett Shinn (Woodstown, New Jersey; November 6, 1876 – May 1, 1953 New York City); American realist painter and member of the Ashcan School.  He also exhibited with the short-lived group known as “The Eight,” who protested the restrictive exhibition policies of the powerful, conservative National Academy of Design.  He is best known for his robust paintings of urban life in New York and London, a hallmark of Ashcan art, and for his theater and residential murals and interior-design projects.  His style varied considerably over the years, from gritty and realistic to decorative and rococo.


Everett Shinn 

The White Ballet 

Ashcan School Artists, circa 1896. L-R:Everett Shinn, Robert Henri, John French Sloan 

Keith’s Union Square, ca. 1902-06. Brooklyn Museum

The 1940s saw his work included in more museum exhibitions and just prior to his death he was taken on by the prestigious James Graham Gallery in New York.  In his best years, Shinn was well-paid and owned large houses in Connecticut and Upstate New York, but he went through a vast amount of money (along with four wives and numerous mistresses) and was financially straitened in his final days. 

Couple Sitting Among Lanterns, Vanity Fair, June 1916

Mac Tag

O how could I be so calm

When she rose up to depart?

Now words that called up the lightning

Are hurtling through my heart.

WB Yeats

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