The Lovers’ Almanac 5 November – I-90 Blues – Suckling’s ode to Lucy Hay – art by Pietro Longhi

Dear Zazie,  Here is today’s Lovers’ Almanac from Mac Tag dedicated to his muse.  Have you ever thought someone was walkin’ towards you only to find they were walkin’ away from you?  Rhett

The Lovers’ Almanac

Dear Muse,

am i bein’ punished
i think i am
by god or fate
or cupid or somethin’

whenever i feel blue
there is one thing
i always do,
and it works every time
i just think about you

so i feel good
about the choices
i have made
but i still wrestle
with these feelin’s
of bein’ without

“I know that people get confused
in this life about what they want,
and what they’ve done,
and what they think
they should’ve because of it.
Everything they think they are
or did, takes hold so hard
that it won’t let them see
what they can be.”

well, it has for sure,
taken a hold on me
and that is my struggle
not lettin’ myself
let go of that

© copyright 2017 mac tag/cowboy Coleridge all rights reserved

On this day in 1660, the English courtier, known for her beauty and wit, Lucy Hay died.  Her charms were celebrated in verse by contemporary poets, including a risqué poem by Sir John Suckling; “Upon My Lady Carlisle’s Walking in Hampton Court Garden”That of course is the Poem of the Day and followin’ that the Lyrics of the Day, inspired by the poem.

Upon My Lady Carlisle’s Walking in Hampton Court Garden

            T.C.          J.S.
Didst thou not find the place
And flowers, as if they had
No other sun, start from their
And for a sight steal out
their heads?
Heardst thou not music when
she talked?
And didst not find that as she
She threw rare perfumes all
Such as bean-blossoms newly
Or chafèd spices give?—
I must confess those perfumes,
I did not smell; nor found
that from
Her passing by ought sprung up
The flowers had all their
birth from you;
For I passed o’er the
self-same walk
And did not find one single
Of anything that was to bring
This unknown
Dull and insensible, couldst
A thing so near a deity
Move up and down, and feel no
None, and so great, were alike
I had my thoughts, but not
your way.
All are not born, sir, to the
Alas! Tom, I am flesh and
And was consulting how I could
In spite of masks and hoods
The parts denied unto the eye.
I was undoing all she wore,
And had she walked but one
turn more,
Eve in her first state had not
More naked or more plainly
’Twas well for thee she left
the place;
There is great danger in that
But hadst thou viewed her leg
and thigh,
And upon that discovery
Searched after parts that are
more dear
(As fancy seldom stops so
No time or age had ever seen
So lost a thing as thou hadst


Walkin’ Away

I found that place inspired,
And her I never more desired
No other one, my heart so sped,
For a sight could turn my head
I heard the music when she talked
And I found that as she walked
I could do not but stare
And wonder at her so rare
Dull and insensible, could see
A woman of such beauty
Move as she does, and makes me change
None so great, makes me feel strange;
And all my thoughts, and if I may,
All my desires came this way;
Flesh and bone and would it not be fun,
Wonderin’ how it could be done,
In spite of her clothes, to espy
The parts denied unto the eye
I was undoin’ all she wore,
And as she turned once more,
I could see her clearly between,
More naked or more plainly seen,
She was walkin’ away, she left that place
Leavin’ anguish on my face
Was this all but a tremulous dream
A random ripple in the reality stream
If I cannot see again that smile,
And upon that discovery awhile,
See the rest of her, all the more dear,
If fancy sadly stops so near,
No time or age could pen
So lost a thing as I have been
© copyright 2012 mac tag/Cowboy Coleridge all rights reserved

The Song of the Day is “Walkin’ Away Blues” by Ry Cooder.


Pietro Longhi
Pietro Longhi 050.jpg

Self-portrait of Longhi

Clara the rhinoceros by Pietro Longhi,1751 (Ca’ Rezzonico)

La lezione di danza (The Dancing Lesson), ca 1741, Venezia, Gallerie dell’Accademia

The Charlatan, 1757

The Ridotto in Venice, ca. 1750s

Today is the birthday of Pietro Longhi (Venice 1702 or November 5, 1701 – May 8, 1785 ); Venetian painter of contemporary genre scenes of life.


Mac Tag

Love is the irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired. –  Mark Twain

O, thou art a perpetual triumph, an everlasting bonfire-light!Shakespeare

Love is all


That cannot take the whole

Body and soul;WB Yeats

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  2. [...] On this day in 1660, English courtier known for her beauty and wit and for her involvement in many…

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