The Lover’s Almanac 18 August – She Waits To Run

Dear Zazie,  Here is today’s Lover’s Almanac from Mac Tag.  Do you wait to run?  Do you run hot for someone?  Rhett

The Lover’s Almanac

Dear Muse,

the beginnin’
and the end
what every poem
is tryin’ to say
often with too many words
when it can be said with one
and I can say it
with one
© copyright 2017 mac tag/cowboy Coleridge all rights reserved

Today we are featurin’ a letter that my friend, and Rhett’s brother, Jett received from his friend Adele.

Dear Jett,

I am sorry I have not responded to your last few letters.  I have been busy and deep in projects.  Your letters always make me smile.  My intentions are to write you back with something clever and amusing but I get interrupted and I get busy and never make it back to my intent.  I can only imagine with your creative mind that you have me off on some wonderful adventure but I am not.  I have pulled my shoulders back and moved forward with life alone.  I have often thought of our discussions about finding the one, a soul mate, or settling for someone who is close enough.  I guess I have never met anyone close enough or I don’t see the sense in putting energy in something that is not pure.  I am not sad or heart broken about it.  It is not like I feel like a wall flower and no one wants me.  There are men; but men being men, I am not interested in what most of them who attempt to darken my doorway are interested in.  But, I have not completely given up.  I still hold on to a sliver of hope that one day someone will see something far greater in me.

I think of it like a forgotten classic car in the back of barn.  The one hidden, waiting under a cover.  Dust and cobwebs make her blend into the background.  Buckets, tools and boxes block the access to her.  She sits there preserved for the one who will find her glory.  Some men would love to drive her and go fast but they would be too lazy to remove the clutter. They would pass her by and that is fine with her.  They would be reckless with her.  They would not take care of her.  They would desert her the first time she sputtered.  She is content in her hiding.  She only concerns herself a little with the rust that has started in the left rear fender.  She dreams and hopes that one day the right one will discover her.
The one who will be able to see past the clutter, will feel his heart skip a beat.  Her beauty will catch his breath.  His first thought is what is wrong with her and where has she been?  Had she been loved?  Had she been forgotten?  Had she been pushed aside for a younger version?  What was her story?
He will tenderly mend all that has been neglected with her and take her out for a spin.  He again will find himself breathless.  She will become his prize.  He will make sure she is ready before he thinks of taking her home.  To rush this part could cause permanent damage to her.
He is not interested in just her physical aspects.  He is not just looking for a sleek body.  Sometimes he loves to just listen to her.  It always brings a smike to his face.  He appreciates her details.  Sometimes he will pause and watch her and take in her full beauty.  She is rare and not many can say they have ever experienced anything like her before.  He is thankful he found her.
When they go out, men ask him about her lines, her curves.  His smile is all that feeds their curiosity.  They can only sit back and wonder at the thought of what it would feel like to have her respond to their touch.
He turns to her and runs his hand along her curves.  He turns on the radio and she sings to him.  She responds to his touch and they ride off together leaving everyone thinking how lucky they are to have each other.
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  1. [...] and my letters have been more about the lack thereof than love, I thought I would turn again to Jett for inspiration. …

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