Wishes on the Wind

Dear Zazie,

Sun_rise_at_CuaLoYour message in a bottle, breaks my heart.  It makes me sad, mad and scared.  Honestly, I need some time to process.  I will be back to continue this…

Well… hell!  My heart breaks for you.  From the moment I met you, I only ever wanted you to be happy; to find your ever after.  I entertained hopes at first that I could be that for you, but I knew I could not.  And I knew I could not find ever after, but I just knew you could.  Je suis toujours malade et sans courage.

I have talked to Jett and Mac Tag and we are in complete agreement on this; you have nothin’, and we mean absolutely nothin’ to apologize for or to be ashamed of.  It sounds like to us, you simply took a swing at love and you missed.  Love is the hardest damn thing in the world to do, so we will never find fault with anyone who tries and fails.  We have all failed at love and we understand how you feel and you are not alone.  But make sure you keep reachin’ out to us.  We cannot help if we do not know.

We are in agreement on this as well; at some point, no matter how far out to sea you may be, it becomes necessary to abandon a hopeless voyage and swim for shore.  The Zazie we know is smart enough and fierce enough to swim as far as she needs to, to save herself.

Of course we are worried about you and will be till you are you again.  Jett has danced the same dance you are dancin’.  He has lived his life lookin’ out portholes; suvivin’ storms, pluggin’ holes and catchin’ glimpses of the sunrise.  Keep lookin’ out your porthole and keep hopin’.  A woman’s heart is a sacred thing and we believe, we will always believe, yours is more so than most.

Will you ever know love again?  You will Zazie, but first you must save yourself.  Our wish on the wind is that you will.


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