Maybe Love Maybe Not by Rhett

Hey Zazie,

Well I have been away as well.  Had to make a trip out to Big Sky country.  The wide open spaces are a part of me.  I cannot be long without them.

Well, so sad to hear that you found bitterness.  I am glad you tried though.  I think one should always reach for the rose.  You just have to know that you might end up with the thorns.  I think it is always worth the risk.  I know this phrase has been way overused, but I have always believed that what does not kill you only makes you stronger.  Besides, for me the pain would make me a better writer.  So I say, bring it on love!  If you are wiser as you say, then I say it was worth it.  I hate that you were hurt, but had you not tried, you dang sure would not have found true love.  So no maybes about it.  Git back in the saddle.  Maybe you will not find the one but the only thing for certain is this; the only guarantee is that if you do not try you will not find him.  Maybe just maybe, know any cowboys?


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