Credit Check Your Date?

Couple Welcome Back Rhett,

I was so excited today when I stopped by for tea and found your note under the napkin holder.  I had thought something had happened to you.  You are going to have to catch me up on what happened to your brother Jett.

While you were gone I had some interesting things happen on my quest for love.  Just the other day a thought occurred to  me and I was hoping to get your input.

I was on a date with a guy that I had been out with a couple of times and out of the blue he asked me if  “I had checked his credit?”  I was taken back by the question as I don’t know why he asked or what he was thinking.  I guess because my current position I do pull people’s credit often but it had never occurred to me to pull my dates credit.  First off it would be illegal to do so without the persons consent, however, after thinking about it what a great idea for couples.  What about a full profile review?

In today’s world it is not uncommon to have your credit pulled for a job.  Why not consider this if you are moving in together or getting married?  Not so much a consideration when you are just dating but if you are deciding to blend your lives together think of all the heartache you could save.  The first thing it would tell you is who should or should not handle the bills.  Who is responsible and who is hiding something.  Because I do pull credit often for couples you would not believe the family secrets that come out as the report is reviewed.  I have had more than one spouse sit across from me thinking they were in great standings only to find that the other spouse had obtained credit cards they knew nothing about.  Sometime these balances are in the tens of thousands of dollars once you add them all up.

Could you imagine how it would feel to find out you are in incredible debt at the hands of your spouse?  I remember I got married and found out after about a DWI he had years before we met.  How did I find out?  We got married and my car insurance went up extra high.  I had to pay higher premiums until it dropped off him.  He felt I didn’t need to know as it had been in his past and not an issue in our life.

Thinking into it more I thought that this may not be such an uncommon occurrence in a matter of someone of royalty getting married.  I feel sure if Prince William was well aware of Princess Catherine’s current and past financial status well before the proposal took place.  I think I am going to treat myself more like a Princess.

Are we so caught up in the lust/love thing that asking this could shatter our dreams so we just don’t?  Maybe couples do this already.   Is it possible that an employer requires and knows more about an individual that we even attempt to know?   Could there be something like a relationship resume?  Why not?  This would be my list?

  • Credit Report
  • Criminal Report
  • Financial Statement
  • STD Testing
  • Drug and Alcohol Test (Could you imagine the addicts that would fail)
  • Civil Records Check

Did I forget one?  If you are sitting at this table and have found this note just leave your reply in the comments area?  Do you have a scenario you could share on this topic?


Rhett almost spits out his coffee –
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